June 30, 2007

who sweats this much from shaving… screw no AC….

June 29, 2007

never good
i dreamt once, that i was among your bones.

and they shook and rattled as bars
petition signs. they
breathed as if they hissed.
they walked not, but only
flushed in.

and i loved them.

the years have made large holes within us,
good hard look:
bad and fucking grim!
like these tongueless windows
and these thoughtless heartless fucks
collecting dilettante hues;
that’s what this [that] town does best.

but i have practiced well laying out feeling sorry
not sorry enough
and I have bared my fucking guts
and I have walked this gravel road

i have abandoned my mechanics and
applications{all for} broken noses and
bold face lies,
all your hysterical strategies; (as)
the bed rests, while i do not
and creeps when i think of you the worst
[the fucking worst]

less than a contender
chasing after something i can’t even see
these blind fucking eyes playing tricks on me
this ink runs
my pretty ions and atomic mass,
holding me still, wait

i can’t think at all, well, i can’t think at all most days

June 28, 2007

stranded on this beach
she was every grain of sand, solace within a beach

June 27, 2007

he lives in my kitchen

June 26, 2007

all thats left
all thats left

*edit* fuck this camera

June 25, 2007

your fingers
are curves to me
your palms are bruises
against the side of my face
veins, wrinkles
and lifeline map out a
vivid escape from all this normality
your knuckles are dandelions
ferocious field… we dig

another day without a ladder to escape this hole

the ol’ switch-a-roo

June 24, 2007

shane deruise

photography by: shane deruise

i don’t feel quite right today