August 29, 2007

off to work

August 28, 2007

there is no path

August 27, 2007

im no racist

August 26, 2007

i remeber

i would like to be in a band again one day…. *sigh* sad days make good songs

i remember
a dress of red
take a breath
and open your eyes
plate shift
with this moment
frame broken
close them tight
and all ive got is the cause
and all ive got is because
hold still you’ve lost your

wait now
hold on
i want to be somebody
and now
im not looking for an answer

August 25, 2007

as she does

perhaps people can open there eyes…
or perhaps this is a black world, with a pink, raw underbelly

August 24, 2007

the story will soon

where i will live one day… underground

August 23, 2007

a home

a place i live