September 30, 2007

its called change for a reason

so i’ve got plans… kinda… probably gonna head to VA after my lease is up and my transfer goes through at work… thank god, ill never make a mistake like this again…

had some fun tonight, finally… like hanging out in wilmington, without the whores that pretend to be innocent girls… *not pictured above*

only whores worry about and publicize their measurements…

September 29, 2007

he aint heavy hes big daddy

your lungs forgetting to fill
you can hide the memories
but not the unmistakable fact

irony is having to use books a girl gave to you as a gift to help you love her;
to help forget her

some love fades, changes forms… i have a constant love, a constant state of love that will not change…
sadly it doesn’t benefit me
it only poisons my heart

September 28, 2007

the truth

i love photographic copyright Naïvety
cant wait till sunday… some things to actually take my mind off of other things… for once
then 2 weeks from now i actually get to leave this town for a while… i miss my friends in VA

its a shame no one knows the real me, going by other peoples words is never safe

dont tempt

September 27, 2007

no peace

its funny how everything looks to people who get one side of the story…
im a good man
realization will haunt you

September 26, 2007

shane deruise

went to visit friends
i envy them
they are strong
i wish i could be like them

no one ever really loves you
they just want to lie to you
and then fuck other people
while saying they want to work things out

i have some new nudes that are coming out soon… a body of work “34-25-39” ive been shooting for months now, so much for being strong and loving when all anyone wants is to use you up and lie and just take what they want…

Landon Pigg – Sailed On

Please dont do what I say
Cause if you dont love me, its worthless anyway
Please dont trouble yourself
Youll only go away in the end

Please dont follow all my commands
Cause whats the point in that
I keep hoping that all of your plans
Will fall through the roof

Like two ships passing in the night were gone
Only the moon and the stars in the sky did know
To cry for me
As I sailed on

Please dont trouble yourself
I only want your love
You keep giving me your help
Oh please stop playing along
You know your wasting your energy
And your breaking my heart


Oh I can just see it now (I can see it now)
Your recklessly in love
Your hearts boiling over
Oh I can just see it now
Your coming around


September 25, 2007


Do you really expect me to believe what I can’t see?

maybe if i tied you up
and lied

maybe if i walked on you and
abused your body
took advantage of every inch of flesh

maybe if i was a mother fucker…
then maybe you wouldn’t be sharing
the above moments with someone else

I gave you
and pickles
and brownies

i guess anyone can

September 24, 2007


3rd day without sleep…

“Hey unfaithful I will teach you
To be stronger, to be stronger
Hey ungraceful I will teach you
To forgive one another.”