stupid girl and her stupid ways

shane deruise

photography by shane deruise, raleigh, nc

as most of the time, words have nothing to do with the image…

i think people have the wrong interpretation of god and doing what they think is right…

i think that their definitions of situations are only to suit what fits them and there hands at that time…

i think just thinking of this makes my head hurt… so i wont think of it anymore…

stupid… stupid people…

i hate it when you fucking talk to me…

friends let friends take pictures while they have sex with friends… maybe im not a photographer…

while riding the forklift
i cannot be loved as i am
tearing her fucking eyes out
a funeral for a love you want
is that enough change

dime fucker
as i am

i have made space
and thrown words away
dont you fucking
look so smart

i cant walk beside you
for the sake of me
dont you look so

One Response to stupid girl and her stupid ways

  1. travis says:

    i know this girl…

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