Maureen, I’ve done it again…

shane deruise

photography by shane deruise

Pick of a copy of my erotic photo book here: Reverie Recovery
Order in the next 13 days and get it for only $50! Here is a model list in case you wanted to know if you were in the book…

    Models In Book

Airlie (Wilmington)
Amanda H. (Havelock)
April (Havelock)
Ashley (Cleveland Rocks)
Ashley (Greenville)
Ashley Ko (Norfolk, VA)
Ashely (Virginia)
Bonnie (Beaufort)
Brittany (Beaufort)
Brittany Rogers (Virginia)
Carrie B. (Ohio)
Claire (Virginia)
Damien F. (Virginia)
Derek R. (Virginia)
Erica (Wilmington)
Erin C. (Havelock)
Greg T.
James C. (Virginia)
Jillian (Virginia)
Joanna R. (Williamston)
Kelly (Raleigh)
Kristen (Wilmington)
Lacy (Virginia)
Lani Garner
Laura J. (Wilmington)
Leslie (Jacksonville)
Lindsay G. (Virginia)
Luva (Raleigh)
Mandy Mae (Raleigh)
Megan T. (Virginia)
Megan Wood (Raleigh)
Melissa & Joe (Virginia)
Natasha (Virginia)
Nichole M. (Morehead City)
Nikki (Newbern)
Rachel (Havelock)
Renee (Jacksonville)
Roben (Raleigh)
Robin Martin (Virginia)
Shakti (Virginia)
Shannon G. (Wilmington)
Stephanie (Wilmington)
Su Jung Cho (Jacksonville)
Theresa & Megan (Virginia)
Yolie S. (Emerald isle)
Girls from the Yacks (Virginia)
As well as several unremembered

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