Bad rapper!

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This is why I don’t stress about wanna-be rappers that rip me off. This is the “rapper” that I made an amazing video for, and which he removed the copyrights off of, which broke the contract between us. Instead of doing the adult thing, like put the credits back on his video, he chose to leave the video as is, leading to youtube removing the video for copyright violation.

Not to mention that this man lies about being apart of “Def Jam Records” and sucks so bad that he steals tracks off of sounddogs, and makes up his own label that he is the only artist for, and is momma/sister has to pose as his manager. I wonder how many child support payments he missed paying cause he spent all his momma/sisters money on a music video?

So as you can see, other than taking money from my family, copyright infringement, and acting like a child… his other hobbies include assault, trespassing, and cruelty to children.

What a waste of a human being.

4 Responses to Bad rapper!

  1. Mike says:

    Karma is an ass-biter

  2. Mike says:

    Serves him right, some people are just stupid. I saw that he ripped off the video you filmed for him. The shitty director stole your ideas, but of course it looks like a shit sandwich. I mean it is really horrible.

  3. Peace! says:

    Haha I can second this!! And yes he has missed MANY child support payments due to trying to become something he’s not at an old age!! Lol

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