she left on a train… headed north on the track…

October 24, 2011

shane deruise

photography by shane deruise, raleigh, nc

yes i shoot film… no i dont brag about it like an asshole…

new image from a new book I am working on… the book will center around the idea of found images, and polaroids…

hope you guys will check it out

Reverie Recovery “The Erotic View”

December 7, 2010

photography by shane deruise

My Erotic Christmas book; Reverie Recovery “The Erotic View” is out now! Order in the next 15 days and receive the book for $50.00! If you are a model interested I will post a model list so you can order.


Over 400 images and writings of Shane Deruise. Deruise finds a fresh approach to erotica and sexuality through an examination of human nature and the fault lines of female emotional tensions. To put it succinctly, Deruise “is less generous and more aggressive in this era of his body of work.” At the heart of Deruise’s photographic urges are the exquisite tension between the fear of intimacy and the yearning for acceptance, as well as the desire to create art. Deruise’s vision is a unique marriage between life and lust.

From the Artist:
You ask me sarcastically what my work is, I work to build my soul. I work to glance under the skirt of the world. The lacerated lines aren’t congruous anymore; too plain to be veins, and all the pretty things we bought her, and all the dirty things we’ve saved. The wet, nightmarish things. Breathing on our hips, or gripping knuckles down your pants. Stomach knots tightening nylon knots, and your cup is spilling over. I have learned how to dutifully untie those old knots, to exchange one for another, sewing images around a so-called waist, a garter; not for your body, but for your soul.

REVERIE RECOVERY “The Erotic View” by Shane Deruise.
Keepsake Publishing, NC2010. 200 pages, numerous color and black-and-white photographs & memoirs, 8×10″.

back to the book at hand…

May 18, 2010

check out my books and order one… best to order through me, so send an email… or call:

photography by shane deruise

Closing a chapter…

December 22, 2009

shane deruise

shane deruise

shane deruise

shane deruise

shane deruise

shane deruise

shane deruise

photography by shane deruise

i worked on my book for around 4 years… its really one of my biggest accomplishments…

i have books im planning on publishing as well, its just this was the big one, 10 years in 2 volumes…

and i got a copy of my book! excellent quality, and image reproduction… go pick up both volumes now at a discounted rate, order straight from me and you get a limited edition print when you order both volumes together… see below for the writeup…


December 13, 2009

photography by shane deruise


The best way to order is directly from me. If you order both volumes you will receive a limited edition print. If not… its still a great buy!!!

I can accept check or money order just email me at and I will send you my address to send the check or money order to, or if you are local we can meet up and do cash or check!!!

You can preview the books online, and if you would rather order through my publisher here are the links… thanks to every one that helped, and everyone that patiently waited for my book…

The Human Process: Volume I

The Human Process: Volume II

I will post a list of models that are in the books soon, that way you all can buy one 😉


December 12, 2009

shane deruise

photography by shane deruise

For everyone who has patiently waited it out… MY BOOK IS HERE!!!

On Sunday night (tomorrow) we will be releasing my book to the public for sale! The surprise is that the book is now 2 volumes. Volume I is the start of my career and alot of fashion, editorial, documentary, and personal work. Volume II is a dark transition into death, erotica, tragedy, and sex.

You can order both Volumes at a discounted rate from me personally (check or money order) and the box set will include a limited edition print, or you will be able to buy each volume separately.

Set of 2 print books, each with Forwards by James Corcoran and Camille Wilmoth, and poetry and images by Shane Deruise. Pre-Sold as a set only. All Preorders will contains one platinum print by Deruise; Published by Keepsake Publishing. 80 lb paper 4 color printing process with Archival inks.

List of Volumes:
The Human Process I and II, autographed by the artist:
Volume I: Perspective i.
Volume II: Perspective ii.
1 signed platinum print

The Human Process
Over 500 never before published images and writings of Shane Deruise in his first retrospective. There are very few books of photography and poetry that strike to the moral core, but no edition before now has ever attempted to make you question yourself as a person. It is comfort as much as it is torment. Deruise’s vision is timeless and resonates with new photographic meaning.

816 pages (Volume I: 390 p. – Volume II: 426 p.), numerous color and black-and-white photographs & memoirs, 8×10″.

Compiled notes and images, Oh dear… how?

August 21, 2009

here is a mockup promo of the book… i am very excited, i cant wait till it is done and out there for all of you…

i will be adding a section to this site for people to be able to buy all my books, which there is one already published, “The Penguin & The Coroner” which is in the process of revision, but will be offered soon, and then my photo book will be out this christmas…