The Whims and Whoas

July 7, 2018

photography by shane deruise, raleigh, nc

Seems that my old host has lost all my files from so many years of keeping this blog… For long time fans, and possible new fans: please find me at ::  my relaunch of the former… I hope you enjoy what is to come…

Oh, the urge to kill somebody was basically overwhelming
I had such hard blues down there in the supermarket queues
And I had a sudden urge to become someone,
someone like you
Who started out with less than anyone I ever knew

-Nick Cave

The Content of Your Character

May 4, 2017

photography by shane deruise, raleigh, nc

Official launch of the new product is coming soon, thank you to everyone who has stuck by year after battling year…. I hope you enjoy what is to come…

Sorrow found me when I was young,
Sorrow waited, sorrow won.
Sorrow that put me on the pills,
It’s in my honey it’s in my milk.
It’s only about half a heart alone
On the water,
Cover me in rag and bones, sympathy.
‘Cause I don’t wanna get over you.
I don’t wanna get over you.

-The National

People Like Us Don’t Ever Switch

July 28, 2016

photography by shane deruise, raleigh, nc

3 years… it has been a very long absence… dealing with life… betrayal… personal demons. as things are infinity better now, I feel the need to share with all of you that have stuck with me… take this pill is evolving into new entity, a new site…news soon


April 3, 2013

Originally Published Jan. 17th, 2009

shane deruise :: take this pill

shane deruise

shane deruise

worthless, all this time i spend wasting…

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February 26, 2013

Originally Published: July, 2nd, 2009

shane deruise :: take this pill

shane deruise

been working on the book all week, got huge sections done… should be ready for order by halloween or christmas…

very sad people canceling for cook out… its ok, what fun they will miss…

been rough week, mom may be sick… my heart stops…

and as i slept among your bones
the only home i had come to know
my brittle heart against your radius
the dust on my face

this dirt floor
fuck this floor
i could not give you velvet
or cotton, or even pashmina

what son am i

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February 21, 2013

Originally Published: May 25, 2011

shane deruise :: take this pill

shane deruise

putting together my workshop for all you photographers that want to learn lighting and shoot nude ladies!

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Bad rapper!

February 17, 2012

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This is why I don’t stress about wanna-be rappers that rip me off. This is the “rapper” that I made an amazing video for, and which he removed the copyrights off of, which broke the contract between us. Instead of doing the adult thing, like put the credits back on his video, he chose to leave the video as is, leading to youtube removing the video for copyright violation.

Not to mention that this man lies about being apart of “Def Jam Records” and sucks so bad that he steals tracks off of sounddogs, and makes up his own label that he is the only artist for, and is momma/sister has to pose as his manager. I wonder how many child support payments he missed paying cause he spent all his momma/sisters money on a music video?

So as you can see, other than taking money from my family, copyright infringement, and acting like a child… his other hobbies include assault, trespassing, and cruelty to children.

What a waste of a human being.